Environmental issues and Energy Conservation are a high priority for homeowners across the U.S. and particularly in the hot and humid climate of Florida.

Consumers are seeking homes that utilize products that help protect the environment and conserve energy through utilization of new technologies, energy efficient products and sustainable features which reduce home maintenance and save money.


NHDC is committed to building homes to U.S. EPA Energy Star® standards to improve home comfort and efficiency.  Our GREENdesigns are an environmentally friendly approach to promote healthy and safe homes.  NHDC accomplishes this by designing and building homes that maximize indoor air quality, reduce energy consumption and by selecting products made from renewable resources.


Energy Efficiency-

·         Efficient design of building envelope achieved by reducing unnecessary space and conditioned square footage

·         Centrally located Heating and Air Conditioning systems with high SEER values and mastic sealed ducts are tested using the HERS index, Thermal Bypass Inspection, Duct Blast Test, Blower Door Test

·         Florida Green Building Coalition(FGBC) guidelines are incorporated into in each design

·         Energy efficient Appliances

·         Energy efficient Lighting

·         Programmable Thermostat

·         Insulated Hot water lines

·         Low-E dual pane windows

·         Recycled cellulose insulation with increased R values


Healthy Living Environment-

·         Carpet Institute’s Green Label FHA certified carpet

·         Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paints

·         Range  and bathroom fan exhausts are vented to the exterior

·         Ceramic tile installed in  bathroom shower surrounds and floors

·         Eco-friendly cellulose insulation

·         Formaldehyde free cabinets and countertops

·         House wrap on exterior walls and no vapor barriers on interior walls


Additional Resource Conservation-

·         Eco friendly low maintenance fiber cement siding and trim

·         Water saver toilets

·         Environmental Landscaping- Florida Yards and Neighborhood program: selection of native, drought tolerant turf, shrubs and trees diminishes need for irrigation

·         HVAC air handler in conditioned space

·         Armored hose connections to water fixtures and appliances

·         30 year dimensional algae and fire resistant asphalt shingles