Hillary and her family live in our community. A young family, Hillary and her husband David have successful careers and have two beautiful children.

The Wilsons want the very best for their family which includes a stable living environment, good education and a place they can call home. This includes a college education for their children as well as owning a home. The couple has a desire to learn about saving money on their tight budget and would like to understand the home purchase process. Fortunately, there is a NeighborWorks® organization in the community that can help. NHDC strives to assist people like Hillary and her family to make their dream of homeownership a reality. NHDC provides helpful tools including budget and financial counseling, homebuyer education, and financial assistance for first-time homebuyers. The organization even builds homes and assists families with finding rental properties.

Today, Hillary’s family and the team at NHDC are working together to capture the dream of homeownership.

If your dream is to own a home, but you need some help from your NeighborWorks® organization, please give us a call.