NHDC has been involved in residential real estate development since 1995. We have built or rehabilitated and sold hundreds of homes to area families looking to fulfill their dream of homeownership.

Our housing development activity consists of two components.

New Construction

NHDC builds new homes on in-fill lots and in newly created residential subdivisions. Our new home construction emphasis is on quality, energy efficiency, low maintenance and is environmentally friendly. Our new homes meet the highest Energy Star standards and are move-in ready. We provide all our buyers with a Home Warranty and provide fast and efficient follow up service and support.

Please click here to see some of our models.

You can also e-mail   Mr. Jeff Michael, NHDC Housing Development Director, for detailed information on our various construction plans, materials used and current and projected future development sites. jmichael@gnhdc.org



NHDC acquires vacant residential properties that are completely rehabilitated then offered for sale to prospective first time home buyers. As we do with new construction, our emphasis is to rehab a property using the highest quality materials that promote durability, energy efficiency and low maintenance. Most of our rehab projects are located within the City of Gainesville and we strive to find property located in residential neighborhoods that are close to schools, shopping and other services. Our rehab homes also come with a Home Warranty and fast and efficient follow-up service.

Click here to view some of the rehab projects that are currently underway or available for purchase.

For more information, please contact Mr. Jeff Michael, jmichael@gnhdc.org


NHDC is a Fair Housing Agency and promotes Energy Star and Green Building